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  • 7-Minute Getaway
    Are you afraid of heights? — Or maybe not. Either way, if you are longing to travel, you came at the right place at the right time, because today is […]
  • What Matters Most..?
    A lady wearing a Versace dress, a Gucci shoes, and carrying a Louis Vuitton bag came out of a Mercedes Benz car, and entered a fine dining restaurant, frowning – […]
  • Relive
    Spring doesn’t cease to amaze me. Snow is melting; birds, bunnies and squirrels are appearing; and hibernating weeds are awakening. A few more weeks, grasses will rise and turn the […]
  • Trapped
    I was frozen; standing in a pitch black room only seeing a faint light gleaming from the moon. I can feel the cold wind crawling in my arms up to the back of my neck. I am scared.
  • 7-Minute Getaway
    Where could a 7-minute take us?
  • Longing
    Tik tok, tik tok – like a sound of a pendulum clock playing inside her head while sitting in a bus.
  • What Do You See?
    “IT WAS CHANGING..” A note written in orange ink sticked at an empty table in the office where I went to for an interview.
  • Blinded
    She was rushing through the door going outside while putting on her toque and gloves. She was running late on the 7:25 am bus. She was walking fast not considering […]
  • Day One
    Red, orange, yellow, blue, green and black – those were the colors she picked. A pencil on the left, a drawing paper in the middle, and pastels on the right. […]
  • 7-Minute Getaway
    Are you still missing the warm weather and sun all day? Me too! So hold on to that thought because today, we will be visiting another tropical country to drench […]

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